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Goodstart Early Learning
Early Education
Master brand creation, Brand story, Brand architecture, Brand identity/language, Website design, Digital communications, Corporate and sales collateral design, Environments, Merchandise, Sub brand creation.
Rebranding Australia’s largest childcare company
From crisis to opportunity. Following the world’s largest childcare company ABC Learning falling into receivership, a consortium of charities joined forces with a vision to create quality early learning experiences, so all of Australia’s children can reach their full potential.

To reposition Goodstart Early Learning for a new future, The Garden Agency led a comprehensive program to build the business and brand from the ground up. Most important was to capture and convey this amazing origin story and empower over 14,000 staff to share compelling evidence with parents on the importance of early learning to their child’s development.
For children, not for profit
With a new consortium that saw the potential of early learning to transform Australia, we saw the opportunity to counteract the confusion and criticism around ABC’s financial collapse. As part of the branding system, The Garden Agency created a not-for-profit symbol that helped increase the profile of Goodstart’s new structure and far reaching purpose. As parents became aware of the not-for-profit status, consideration for Goodstart services more than doubled.
100 days of Early Learning
To successfully transition 660 centres, 14,000+ staff and 60,000 families, it was vital everyone engaged and saw their role in the new future. The 100 days of Early Learning platform we created, gave Goodstart a more streamlined way to launch, and shared the new story through the voices of many across Australia. This was more than just announcing a name change, or a new logo, it was a season of local celebrations where every centre, equipped with the new story, signage, uniforms and communications had the opportunity to celebrate their unique and valued role in the community, driving personal engagement with the brand.
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Guided Knowledge
Guided Knowledge have developed the only on-demand, affordable one-on-one coaching product of its kind. Although a game changer, GK has to rapidly build credibility and differentiation to attract global investors, world class professionals and ultimately consumers. The Garden Agency created a compelling brand idea through serving a uniquely human need to move forward by 'illuminating the senses'.  Almost immediately the brand has begun to inspire the right people and new possibilities.