Future state thinking

Colonial First State
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Re-defined positioning gives CFS new purpose in parent brand strategy
When CBA shifted to a master brand model, it was vital for the previously independent Colonial First State (CFS) to refresh its story and how it fits into the One CommBank future. To differentiate, thrive and connect with many discrete audiences in a multi-branded environment, CFS needed a new rally cry that aligned everyone around one cause. By leveraging the smarts of CFS and cleverly connecting it to anticipating the future state of CommBank’s 10 million customers, The Garden Agency was able to embed an idea that empowered everyone to join forces and fuel future growth.
Anticipating the future state
As The Garden Agency embarked on the project, we quickly uncovered that CFS’s capabilities in selling the future to customers would grow in importance to CBA. Where CBA’s scale creates the ability to achieve big things for its many customers, CFS influences how CBA operates in its future-orientated product domain. By injecting its smarts about the future into finding solutions for customers, Future State Thinking created a clever, thoughtful link that both CFS and CBA teams could own and benefit from.  
Inviting the team on the journey
It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. The same can be true with new strategies or ideas. To embed Future State Thinking, we produced a multi-purpose video that cleverly interpreted where the story (and symbol) came from and how it connected to the CBA diamond and its future. From this single piece of content, we were able to produce a multitude of communications that invited connection and pride for the next chapter of the CFS story.
Enjoying life for all its worth
After years of extraordinary expansion throughout Australasia and Asia, Jetstar decided to take on the world. But first they asked The Garden to help get the whole organisation internally aligned before taking on a tough new set of competitors. We took Jetstar through a multi-faceted internal engagement program, helping Jetstar’s leadership capture and share what makes Jetstar unique. By linking Jetstar’s internal and external brands around the idea of ‘Go Enjoy, we helped establish a clear, universal brand story. The idea was delivered via leadership materials, rewards and recognition empowering over 8,000 staff to tell the story as their own around the world.