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The Rhythm of Q

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Vision & values, Positioning strategy, Visual identity and language, Staff engagement, Product & service innovation and Product Naming.
Helping Qantas Catering ride the rhythm of change
The Garden Agency helped energise 2,800+ Qantas Catering staff during a Qantas-wide resurgence program, moving them to rally behind the idea of creating Perfect Rhythm – that sublime experience when everyone works towards a shared goal. The focus on the movement of people, as opposed to the repetition of manufacturing processes helped connect this internal program to broader Qantas initiatives, ensuring it achieved sustainable impact over time.
Moving in time
The Rhythm of Q is more than just talking about making things flow better. It’s about fostering a culture of seeing patterns, merging loops and finding ways to navigate through any crisis with ease. Q Catering transforms thousands of complicated steps into one interwoven rhythm, synchronising efforts in ways that inspire, unite and propel the whole. By equipping the organisation with the words and ways to confidently communicate this concept, The Garden Agency helped inspire everyone in Q Catering’s influence – customers, colleagues and employees, to set the rhythm for change.
Created by the energy of the people
To increase engagement with this way of working, we knew we had to help all employees see their role in its success. People naturally rate something more highly when they’ve been involved in the process – so we set about capturing new content, new stories and new evidence that showcased rhythm in action across the country. From hundreds of employee silhouettes that formed the basis of the graphic language, to in-depth interviews, some representing big breakthroughs, some small, Q Catering was able to more quickly unite and focus the organisation.
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Campus in the cloud
Responding to the need of increased ‘connectedness’ across AGSM’s network, The Garden was approached to create a brand idea, story and identity for a new Digital Campus, encouraging early adoption and uptake with current student and faculty. The strategic idea focused on AGSM as the connector of individuals and their community, encouraging better connection, better support and more engagement with likeminded people. The result - a sophisticated, simple identity and brand story that fits seamlessly into AGSM’s world.