Finding Absolute Alignment

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Setting a new brand benchmark within the investment sector
Now one of Australia’s leading property funds managers, EG was relatively unknown in the market. They needed a platform for growth: a strong, sophisticated branding toolkit that articulated their difference.

‘Absolute Alignment’ reflects their commitment to common goals, a story of shared value that is expressed visually through the balance of a plumb bob and the dynamic resonance of sound waves. Within two years of embedding this narrative and identity, EG’s business has doubled – and its brand has set a new benchmark within the sector.
Standing out in a conservative market
EG wanted to elevate their market position with a compelling story that articulates their core philosophy of shared value – where long-term relationships are forged through alignment of outcomes. Until this point they had deliberately chosen to fly under the radar, but their new growth strategy demanded a unique brand and toolkit that would describe their point of difference and provide a revitalised platform to successfully re-imagining investing.
A brand toolkit that breaks from conventions
In a highly collaborative approach through a series of spark sessions, we distilled our insights around the idea of ‘Absolute Alignment’. EG’s ‘why’ was clear, but it was ‘how’ they delivered Absolute Alignment that energised the story further – finding true resonance. This culture was already innate within their team. From those moments of connection, to aligning their goals with their partners and facing challenges together, EG is incredibly conscious of the ‘cause and effect’ dynamic that plays out between partners, competing opportunities and investment decisions.
To evoke this feeling of balance, harmony and resonance, we expressed this new story through a plumb bob, sound waves and harmonious patterns.  A plumb bob always stays true, finding a precise path to centre, and this perfectly reflects EG’s commitment to alignment with its partners and with each other. The result is much more than a new identity: it’s a distinctive and sophisticated narrative that brings their core philosophy to life. It also has longevity as a masterbrand, and can stretch across new divisions in the future.
“The Garden Agency became part of our business, they saw things through our eyes but could also challenge our thinking with their external perspective. It’s never ‘them and us’ – we felt we were in this together. The quality of their work is exceptional and their strategy is considered and insightful. They really get it.”
Tess Hattingh, General Manager, EG
Renewed energy and authentic voice for staff, partners and investors
Since launching the new brand in 2014, EG’s business has doubled and it now manages over A$2billion in assets. The team has embraced the new brand narrative and visual identity, embedding it into every aspect of its communications, physical environment and culture. They also feel a new sense of pride in sharing what they stand for with the world.
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