Macquarie Atlas Roads

Horizon Hunters

Macquarie Atlas Roads
Product Brand, Positioning, Visual Language, Campaign website, Print/online/outdoor campaign, Course collateral
Commitment to the journey helps global toll road company navigate into the future
Macquarie Atlas Roads (MQA), knows all about the value of the journey. Born out of the portfolio reorganisation of Macquarie Infrastructure Group into two separate ASX-listed toll road groups, their goal was to communicate that the valuable toll road assets had transitioned to a new leadership under a new entity.

To achieve this, The Garden Agency created a brand platform that conveyed their long term strategic focus – Horizon Hunters. Using navigational language based on mathematical precision, this platform and resulting brand identity expressed their commitment to a sustainable structure and disciplined approach, and focused on delivering the end prize.
To make a difference takes dedication, motivation and perspiration. Since its 20th year, The Garden has continued to evolve the idea, and presents the bright minds behind the Victor Chang Institute who are pioneering discoveries.
Success finds those who seek it
Horizon Hunters was designed to bring MQA’s business goal to life. An innovative brand platform to communicate their strategic focus on managing quality global toll road assets over the longer term, with far off destinations initially appearing obscured, before they slowly and surely
reveal themselves. This echoes the brand story created, as clever, resourceful and expert navigators – committed to both the journey and to seeking out resilient, long term performance through economic cycles. Messages of precision, expertise and wisdom guide the brand narrative, building confidence in MQA’s leadership and future potential.
A platform for reinvention
The MQA visual language was inspired by the navigational symbol of a compass and cartography, recognising the commitment to both the journey and the destination. A single shape was created from a smooth controlled and mathematical base to identify the brand. Viewed from up close or from different angles, the dynamic use of curved lines in this shape gave MQA a unique and flexible toolkit to present important information. Every year this unique identity becomes the vehicle to represent itself, and communicate where MQA is on their journey to success.
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