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Sydney Airport
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Shifting Sydney Airport’s corporate legacy into a colourful and connected experience
After ending its long-running relationship with Macquarie in 2011, the legacy of the large corporate influence lingered on at Sydney Airport, as did a brand identity centred around a restrictive logo system.

The Garden Agency saw there was a clear opportunity for the Sydney Airport to reposition itself with a refreshed identity and brand pattern that connected with all stakeholders: customers, partners and employees. The new brand design gave voice to a new narrative – supporting the client’s vision to represent world-class customer experience.
Empowering Sydney Airport with a new brand toolkit
An internal audit found the static Sydney Airport logo was being overused, incorrectly applied and modified. To ensure it was being used correctly across all platforms, there was a strong need to update the logo lockup and guidelines.

In executing this seemingly minimal change, The Garden Agency identified that there was a great opportunity to go beyond logo legibility and balance, to create a broader brand pattern, helping Sydney Airport move from its corporate image into a more welcoming and friendly destination.

The rigid logo system of the past was superseded with a modern, dynamic and flexible brand toolkit that consolidated their logo challenges into an easy-to-use, consistent framework. A broader graphic language born out of the logo was introduced to add layer and narrative with inspiration drawn from the visual language of maps and colours to depict the unique Australian landscape.
Telling a new story
The most impactful part of the work was the Experience SYD narrative – intended to influence a welcoming, positive connection to Sydney Airport as a destination, rather than a corporate brand. This new smart identifier and communications device empowered the airport employees, partners and stakeholders to effectively deliver this emotional change.
Forward thinking for fast results
With the announcement of new $100m terminal works, Sydney Airport needed a quick turnaround.

We reframed the brief with a future-back strategy, guiding the client to make informed decisions in the short term around the logo clarity while thinking forward to what’s next. By imagining the future and broadening the brand toolkit, the identity has continued to evolve to reflect the changing needs of the business from reporting, to digital communications and into environments.
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