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A shining light to drive action at Christmas
In a competitive fundraising environment, with countless worthy causes launching campaigns, the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) needed a new approach that would cut through and connect to the hearts, minds and wallets of the modern donor.

The Garden Agency created a new story and campaign that invited donors to help lift the limits on the lives of families and children across Australia by giving to a Life Unlimited. With a positive, empowering voice that put the recipients at the forefront, ‘I’m unlimited’ inspired action at Christmas and beyond – creating new engagement with donors and the entire organisation.
I’m unlimited
To cut through, it was essential for the idea to connect both emotionally and rationally with donors by creating a sense of empathy and understanding around the bigger struggle before driving action. ‘I’m unlimited’, heroes the recipients, making donors feel good about giving and inspired to donate because they can see the result of their generosity. This idea speaks to the opportunities that RIDBC’s support services create for children with hearing and vision loss, but it also speaks to the donor — you are unlimited in your capacity to contribute, to make an impact.
“The Garden Agency got us immediately. They showed respect for our children and were able to present it all in a positive light, inspiring hope and encouragement with an emotional idea that is also more broadly driving engagement and inspiration throughout our organization.”
Jackie Evans, Manager, Direct Marketing, RIDBC
I’m a star
To shine a light on the wonderful work of RIDBC at Christmas, ‘I’m unlimited’, tapped into the emotion of the season, expressed as ‘I’m a star’.

The hero of the campaign was the story of one of the RIDBC’s beneficiary families. The star was Gem, their 20-month-old daughter who was born with minimal light/dark perception, supported, by Gem’s big sister Pip who was diagnosed at birth with severe hearing loss and by three had a cochlear implant.

A series of bite size stories into how they were overcoming enormous challenges daily, yet still shining bright, gave RIDBC multiple ways to invite both existing and new donors, to give generously and engage with their far-reaching mission.
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Campus in the cloud
Responding to the need of increased ‘connectedness’ across AGSM’s network, The Garden was approached to create a brand idea, story and identity for a new Digital Campus, encouraging early adoption and uptake with current student and faculty. The strategic idea focused on AGSM as the connector of individuals and their community, encouraging better connection, better support and more engagement with likeminded people. The result - a sophisticated, simple identity and brand story that fits seamlessly into AGSM’s world.