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Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
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Inspiring new interest in the legacy of the Victor Chang Institute
In 2014 the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute celebrated 20 years at the forefront of research into heart disease. However, with over 150 medical institutes vying for attention, it’s increasingly competitive to attract donations and talent.

The Garden Agency uncovered that it is the way the Victor Chang Institute views the world – through the power of discovery – that is the foundation for their major breakthroughs.
To cut through, connect with and inspire interest in their life-changing research, the Victor Chang Institute needed a way to present this unique story, which was met with a unique idea, ‘The Difference’ – a series of 20 significant discoveries that showcased the way the Victor Chang Institute sees, thinks and feels about the work they do.
To make a difference takes dedication, motivation and perspiration. Since its 20th year, The Garden has continued to evolve the idea, and presents the bright minds behind the Victor Chang Institute who are pioneering discoveries.
How often do you look at the world with a new perspective?
In the 2014 Annual Report we wanted to help the reader understand how the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute practices this every day. It’s in their DNA, culture, attitude, and approach. It’s in the way they see, think and feel about everything they do, that is ‘The Difference’.

This flowed through both the graphic language and the report structure to reinforce the story. Graphics derived from the symbology of laboratories and heart and microscope detail, became heroes for each of the Victor Chang Institute’s divisions, as well as a base detail for key visuals, that added up to present the bigger picture. A representation of the tiny steps and the incremental advances that sets the foundations for major breakthroughs.
"The Annual Report was everything we could have hoped for and more. The Garden Agency really got a feel for the Victor Chang Institute and worked so hard on this project. The 20 different covers was a stroke of genius. What a way to celebrate 20 years of discoveries."
George Glover. Media and Communications Manager
20 covers to celebrate 20 years of discovery
Over 20 years, honouring the legacy of legendary heart transplant surgeon Victor Chang, the Victor Chang Institute has been able to imagine the unimaginable and revolutionise our understanding of cardiovascular disease, which is still the leading cause of death and disability in our society. We wanted to celebrate this awe-inspiring milestone, by bringing to light the far-reaching progress it has made.

20 unique covers that represented 20 significant discoveries reinforced the difference of the Victor Chang Institute, and gave the team 20 ways to communicate their story beyond simply the report. By creating other useful communications, like internal posters, staff and supporter cards and templates we could empower the idea, providing a platform to tell the story more often, to connect more often and engender more support.
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