Starting a new conversation

Crestone Wealth Management
Brand story, Brand identity/language, Website design, Digital assets and templates, Corporate and sales collateral design, Environments, Event theming, Merchandise.
New brand tells a story of confidence and continuity for Crestone’s launch
When Crestone acquired UBS’ wealth management business, it needed to quickly build trust for discerning high net worth and ultra high net worth clients. The new firm would be unrivalled in the Australian market for scale, expertise and capabilities, so The Garden Agency developed a brand narrative that connected this new strength with past success. 75 years of wisdom have defined the art of what Crestone delivers – meaningful conversations with the best minds in wealth management, backed by exceptional research, technology and products.
Heritage strength within a new business
Crestone had a short period of time to launch its new brand, while finalising the acquisition and seamlessly transitioning clients. The brand needed substance and sophistication – it had to reassure current clients, and build confidence in a truly exceptional new offer. The Garden Agency were asked to fast track the discovery and ideation process – and deliver on that brand promise to both retain clients and attract new prospects to build future momentum for growth.
Defining the ‘art’ to articulate brand difference
We set out to create a distinctive storytelling experience that was both authoritative (building absolute confidence), and emotive (fueling desire) for this audience.

Using The Garden Agency’s proprietary Spark.Garden platform, we quickly captured key insights and aligned stakeholders around a story by gaining real-time feedback. This story defined the art of what Crestone delivers: they bring a disciplined approach, diverse perspectives and superior thinking to every conversation – using the best people, technology and research in wealth management today.
“If you want a team who understand the importance of brand, and will go above and beyond to deliver, The Garden Agency will create something unique as a platform for future growth. They’re absolutely the right partners to work with – I’ve never been disappointed in the quality of their work and I knew they could deliver to our tight timeframe.”
Rebecca Snell, Consultant, Crestone
‘We’re starting a new conversation in wealth management’ gave Crestone a platform to both introduce the new business, but also to communicate a better way of delivering wealth management – and it conveys the very human element that underpins the highly personalised relationships of this new employee-owned model. In a world of clichéd financial imagery, we set Crestone apart by visualising the essence of each layer of ‘conversational expertise’: connection, observation and interpretation. 

We also created a dimensional brand language of ownable symbols, infographics and patterns to help this highly intelligent audience quickly access Crestone’s unique wisdom and insight.
Delivering on the vision
Through our agile, iterative approach to brand building, we were able to align all team members with this narrative and vision in time for launch. It was a success – and the brand continues to prove its merit as the business continues to grow.
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